My Dive Instructor, Phi Phi

Phi Phi Scuba Dive Boat

The Dive That Started All

Dive Certification, Phi Phi Scuba

While on Phi Phi island helping out after the tsunami of 2004, some spare time was spent doing new things. This was my first ever introduction to the underworld. I went with an outfit “Phi Phi Scuba” and got my PADI open water certification with Sophie Clay. The exercise they put me through before my dive was quite intensive, in my mind, I thought they wanted to just haze me, having to swim around the dive boat six times around, I don’t even remember if they gave me fins.

The weather was so good, the visibility at 18 meters was crystal clear, too bad my camera does not do it justice.  I even got to see a Tiger Shark, it moved off quite quickly so no photo capture there.

Diving in Nha Trang

Diving In Nha Trang Visibility about 7m due to off season. I got to be the only diver so i got one on one with dive master, so that's a bonus in my books. There were a tour of locals that was trying to dive, which was another plus as i felt like a local when we shared...

Scuba Diving Jamaica

Diving In Jamaica It was a choppy dive and only got to go once because the current was quite strong underneath. I had to practice in the pool to show that I can dive to the dive master. I did not mind that at all since it was my safety they were looking after. I had...

Songkran Water Festival

Bangkok, Thailand This water festival is insane! I did not know how widespread this was, and did not know what was in store for the day, actually three days.The Thai New Year's Day is 13 April every year and it extends for three days. There were talk you will get wet...