Dive Master and I, Nha Trang

Dive Master Showing Coral

Corals and Fish

Diving In Nha Trang

Visibility about 7m due to off season. I got to be the only diver so i got one on one with dive master, so that’s a bonus in my books.

There were a tour of locals that was trying to dive, which was another plus as i felt like a local when we shared lunch on the island.

Petty nice dive with plenty of corals. But only saw small fish. It was certainly nice to use up the whole tank, only thing dodgy about the dive was my gauges, the depth meter was busted and the oxygen meter needed a shake to get accurate reading, I had put my trust to the non speaking english dive master’s skills and experience to take care of me. Lived to tell this tale, so he was good.

One other note was the boat captains of tour boats don’t respect the diving flags and hearing the motor hover over you was a little horrifying. Come to think of it, i did not see any flags either. I can say it now, it cost over a million for two dives, Dongs that is.

All in all, this dive was not the best dive, but fun none the less, small fish where you can find in most snorkelling trips. Used 10 kilos of weight due to heavier salt content.


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