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Diving In Jamaica

It was a choppy dive and only got to go once because the current was quite strong underneath. I had to practice in the pool to show that I can dive to the dive master. I did not mind that at all since it was my safety they were looking after. I had the pleasure of diving with a legally blind diver, his idea was not really seeing what was in the water, but rather the feeling of floating in neutral buoyancy. I found that quite intriguing.

Scuba diving is such a fun activity. I get to dive in some beautiful places. Suspended weightless feeling and the openness of the ocean. Interesting sea creatures and formations just makes it a wonderful experience.

Catamaran – Jamaica

High Seas on Catamaran Another fun thing to do and not to be missed is the Catamaran tour, snorkeling, waterfalls and party on the cat. Tour definite fun, would probably hire a babysitter so the adults can have some fun on this tour. The catamaran crew served alcohol...

Dunns River Falls – Jamaica

Dunns River Falls This is one adventure you should have on your list to do and visit when you are in the Montego Bay, Ocho Rios area. A fun day to get wet and play in the tier waterfalls of Dunns River Falls. Not sure if you time to do this if you are with the cruise...

Ocho Rios – Jamaica

Ocho Rios The streets of Ocho Rios, a port town for the cruises, this town thrives on the visitors that disembark from the cruise lines and other destination travellers. We were in an all inclusive resort that was just under an hour away. The town was quite nice to...