New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA, this was the destination I was targeting from the start. One of the destinations that I has wondered about when years ago, pre Katrina, a good friend of mine and I drove into the city, fueled up and just had a bad vibe and left, so for years I had in back of my mind that I will visit this city again. So glad I did this #Tour2017, the atmosphere and the vibe is so much different. First impressions, chilled, relaxed, unhurried, and a sense of community. A wonderful start to NOLA 2017.

This adventure had it’s hiccups, I left the reservation of hotels really late due to the fact that my schedule is so flexible and would not know what events that may occur and dates cannot be set in stone. So, when I did start to look for rooms, and had a solidified date on when I will arrive in NOLA, I was shocked with $200 plus rooms per night and sold out places. I did not know there was a Voodoo Festival that was happening on the dates I was going to arrive in NOLA. I scoured AirBNB’s, Hostels, Couchsurfing, Motels, Hotels and even Campgrounds with no luck within my budget.

Finally found one, but it was 45mins out of New Orleans but later found out it takes way longer to get into NOLA than kilometers suggest, traffic!  Jacqui, whom I met in Thailand and had kept in touch with her through her travels and even visited her in San Francisco when she was living there. Why not keep the tradition and visit her in NOLA. Well, as luck will have it she has a friend Cindy who was most gracious in making this part of the trip a reality. Cindy offered her home to house me for the duration of the stay in NOLA. Cindy, you are AMAZING! Hope to repay the hospitality in the future.

Local foods and drinks, birthday party, potlucks, and Halloween party (In my opinion, NOLA does it best). Tried it all in NOLA, love it, and will have to do again someday.

Got to cross off an item off my bucket list, Airboat in the swamps – check. NOLA – check. Sad to leave, but #MotorcycleLife does not end here.


A bucket list item – checked. Even spotted a couple of Alligators on this tour with Gators and Ghost.

Turn down your sound before clicking on the video.

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Like A Local

Traveling in a new city is always a chore in a way, trying to find places to go, to see, to eat and to do. There is nothing better than locals showing you around. Being that said, I had a local contact and I sure lucked out traveling like a local.

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