Virginia – Tennessee

Twist and Turns

After cruising through New York city, it was time to make some miles towards New Orleans (NOLA), but there are a couple of stops that has to done before that. So along the route at the rest areas, some other motorcyclists was mentioning to me to do some must do routes in Virginia and Tennessee, one being “Blue Ridge Parkway” and the other “Tail of the Dragon”, but I was eyeing the Skyline Drive that runs through the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park.

“A Fortuitous Event”

I was just about to start the Skyline Trail and for some reason I had looked at a text message and lo and behold, a friend from 15 years ago from Jasper, Megan had wondered where I was in my #Tour2017, after a quick calculation that she was only a little over an hour away, I could not pass up the opportunity to catch up. So a tiny detour to Manassas, Virginia here I come. It was great to catch up and also having a cozy place to stay. Thanks for the hospitality Megan and Francisco!

Early start the next day with a wee bit of a hangover, but fresh to tackle the curvy roads of Skyline Dr. and Blue Ridge Parkway. If you are a motorcyclist, these routes are not to be missed. One thing though is to fill up your tanks because there are no gas stations on the route!! This is where I found myself looking at my gauge with great intent! The single bar on the gauge was flashing for freaking long time.

Without cell or wifi coverage the Google GPS was useless in helping me find my oasis. Armed with intuition, luck, lots of luck I found an exit off the Parkway, that exit seemed never ending and lucky it was downhill, so I conserved and lightly use the throttle as last resort. I came upon a junction and I recognized a name pointing left saying 16 or 18 miles, and the one pointing left was 6 miles but I don’t know if this place would have gas?? Well, with the bar flashing, and about to disappear, I chose the shorter and prayed it will be my lifeline. Did I make it? The town looked empty, no visible signs popping up above roof-line, did I make the right choice? Bam, I saw it, a fueling station! Saved.

It all worked out for the best, since I popped out of the parkway a little early, it was time to hit Tennessee, well, let me tell you, once I entered Tennessee, you definitely know it by the friendly salutations, I had so many “sweetie, darlings and honeys” thrown my way. I’m going to enjoy Nashville. Checked into a hotel about 45mins drive from the downtown core, it was a great decision in hindsight, the traffic is insane in metropolis. I headed down to the “Strip” in Nashville downtown, at first, I thought this place is so quiet when I got off the highway, then once I hit the strip, wow, party central, quickly found parking for my bike and walked the strip, live music in almost every bar, pub, restaurants along the strip even one of those peddle and drink bars.

The first time I saw one of those was in Detroit. Well, I’d say my trip is getting more interesting, I would say this strip is sort of Vegas scene but with pretty good artists. The local foods were pretty good too at least the one I stopped in at Rippy’s Bar and Grill. As mentioned staying south Nashville was a great move as traffic was easy getting out and beautiful south here I come…


Shifting gears, banking turns, nice roads high on the skyline, a motorcyclist happy place.

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This section of my #Tour2017 certainly built my confidence in my riding skills, by practicing the twist and turns that the roads had to offer. Not only that of riding but having a loose agenda made it possible to meet old friends, as Megan said “Fortuitous” , this is just what this trip was meant for catching up.

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