Thunder Bay – Wawa – Kearney – Mississauga – Brantford – Port Dover – Oshawa

So much to see, so much distance to one place to another, so many things to do. Well, Ontario, I can return a lot easier than crossing the border, so I will have to stop and dash this time around. I would have liked to stay some more time with you my friends, the weather is my enemy. Will have to do this trip again in the summer or a covered vehicle.


From eating locally caught Smelts, to motorcycle gathering and suburbia. I am  just loving all the diversity on this journey through Ontario.




Friday the 13th

An interesting rally in the town of Port Dover, just after getting some new tires for the motorcycle, I got to experience a bike gathering of sorts. On this day, Friday the 13th, motorcyclist congregate to this small town of 5,000 habitants, yes any #FridayThe13th, even November if that day happens to fall into that calendar year.  When I went to Port Dover that day, the attendance was estimated at 80,000 motorcyclists. It was a sight to see and experience.

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Fantastic experience connecting with new and old friends, just a short gallery of what went on in Ontario.

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Euro Tour 2019 – Lake Bled

Euro Tour 2019 – Lake Bled

Euro Tour 2019 - Lake BledMountain Town with Crystal Blue Waters Not far from Ljubljana, approx an hour away, the lake town has many things to offer. One day there was just not enough, there will be another visit to this part of the world. So many things to do......