Hello Saigon, Ho Chi Min

Street Vendors, Saigon

Street Market, Saigon

Walking Around Saigon

Three nights in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh. Touch down on a tropical weather of 28 degrees. It was nice to get a nights rest in Hong Kong, due to part failure on airplane. Got to stay at the airport hotel with all the amenities. Cathay Pacific flip the tab for that.

Upon arrival the immigration was fairly uneventful. Changing some money at the airport and getting some sim cards for our smart phones was pretty good. for 390,000 dongs, you can get unlimited data, text and 15 minutes of phone time and good for the month. Terry had trouble with her phone, but later on, near our hotel, we got her sorted out.

Hotel arrival with cab ordered from the money exchange bypasses all the other trying to get you business is a good move if you are new to the area. so no hassle getting to our hotel.

Unlike our country, these common scene is everywhere, three or four persons to a motorbike and the stuff they can carry on them is just amazing. The shear amount of people is endless, markets are abundant, everything so busy. Thats why three nights is enough.

Starting the trip

Terry holding flight ticket

First ticket overseas!

Terry arrive in Vietnam

Temperature is just right

Walking About In Saigon


First accommodation in Vietnam

ho-chi-min (54)

Can’t afford a truck, but this will do.

Karma Must Be Tagging Along

Hunger looms and we spotted softshelled crab deep frying from a street vendor. Ordered  up a couple of those and a sugar doughnut. Terry mentioned beer would go good with meal, so i asked the closest vendor, but those good old boys would not sell it to me and even...

XO Foodie Tour Saigon

  XO Foodie Tour This is going to be a big part of this trip. I'll like to be on any kind of bike travel. First motorcycle ride is with the XO Tours, and what a thrill it was. Would have liked more motorcycle time, but it was more a foodie tour. They took us to taste...

Adventure Canyoning, Dalat

    Adventure Canyoning When visiting Da Lat, Vietnam,  you have to think adventure. I find this town same same but different from Jasper. Canyoning, trekking, rafting, elephant tours, motorcycle tours, cycling tours and so on. Lots of other activities to choose from....

Diving in Nha Trang

Diving In Nha Trang Visibility about 7m due to off season. I got to be the only diver so i got one on one with dive master, so that's a bonus in my books. There were a tour of locals that was trying to dive, which was another plus as i felt like a local when we shared...

Silk Factory, Motobike

Silk Factory Tour We did this tour on our own, rented a scooter and checked out areas on our own schedule.  I always find these places a tourist trap, but this one turned out to be alright, even with these "actors" demonstrating how to manufacture the product.  The...

Side Roads And Stops

Side Trips on Motobike After driving way past the target zones, we just enjoyed some unscheduled stops. Certainly not on the tourist trail, and driving a road that is pothole ridden, almost getting squashed by a steam roller, pretty scenic route, but not for the weak...

Coffee Farm Dalat

Weasel Coffee Plantation We got to tour around Dalat with a scooter and a hand drawn map, but cheated with google map. I could not gauge how far the distance was with minimal signage and foreign script that is unknown to us, so we ended up in areas that was not on the...

Hiccups Along The Way

Travel Challenges So we got on the second leg of our journey and low and behold. A part on the plane had to be replaced, but it turns out to be a major repair. Cathay Pacific #lifewelltraveled quickly arranged accommodations at the Regal Airport Hotel since we will be...

Boat Tour, Saigon

Boat Tour, Saigon While walking around Ho Chi Min, we were solicited for a boat tour in the canal. They were asking for the rates of the legit local boat tour operators, which was about $30 to $40 USD, but we manage to get them down to about $20 CAD for the both of us...