Saskatchewan – Manitoba

Trying to keep up with this blog is going to be a challenge, meeting new people, sightseeing and doing new things is gobbling up all the time unless I don’t want to sleep or ignore new acquaintances. Maybe I should start slotting in half hour each day to be the reflecting time by jotting down the highlights of the day. I wish you can see what I see when I’m on the open road cruising around from one place to another on my moto (still have not named her yet). Definitely the highlight from leaving Nancy and Ken’s place was the wind! On this day, I had to (Nancy did mention I could stay another night, should have listened) move and meet my CS host (Elizabeth) in Portage la Prairie, MB.

Arrived in Portage just at sundown. Found my host (Elizabeth) fairly easily with my handy G-map app. With open arms, I was greeted and ushered into her abode with a party already commenced. Bust out the wine and proceeded to wind down and enjoyed some new acquaintances.


This section of the road from Saskatoon was the most gripping ride ever, heavy rain and strong cross wind on a single lane highway is terrible on the motorcycle (highly not recommended). When a semi is coming at you, you have to brace your bike and anticipate buckets of water getting thrown at you. So thankful that this did not last the whole trip, was thinking about bedding down for the day, but not a town for miles and the ground between the highways was water and marshes. At last, a break in the shift of wind, instead of blowing from the left of me, it shifted to the right blowing north, at least no more buckets of water towards me from oncoming traffic.

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It was a pleasure to be at Elizabeth’s place, meeting new people, taking me around some great spots. And Thanks Yvette for the personal tour of the island, museum plus your awesome #Canada150 gallery, it just capture Canada on canvas. Hospitality in Portage rocks!

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