I just connected with Couchsurfing.com and hosted my first guests and it was all positive, I felt like I was traveling and some of my past travels reminded me of all the kind things the locals did for me when I was the traveler. I will probably continue this pay it forward kind of treatment.

That said and done, trying to organise places to stay is taking so much time, yet trying to be spontaneous in what the travel will surprise me with is a little overwhelming. Trying to beat the weather while in the Canadian portion of the travel is key to my success in connecting with friends and also meeting new ones, how can one graciously move on when the hospitality is so right?

My schedule is very flexible at this time, I’ll be leaving here on Wednesday 27th if it does not snow, Edmonton a couple of days 27,28,29 maybe 30? Maybe 30th in Saskatoon, so October 1st, 2nd in Minnedosa, 3rd in Portage la Prairie, 4th not sure as of yet, Kenora? or south to Grafton / Grand Forks this is where I am trying to see if I get some couch surf Canadian side or USA, then back to Canada via Sault Ste. Marie, then North Bay, Kearney, Mississauga, then toward Montreal (thinking it will be past the 8th or 9th of October by then, and weather still holds, to the Maritimes, then south of the border.

Packing: well, that is still to come, just a little over a week left on my departure date…

Just a glimpse of what Jasper is when having good weather, this video is for my future hosts can look forward to if they would like to visit Jasper and get hosted in my abode.