What can I say, it is now the fourth province in, and the ride is going smooth, the length of travel in northern Ontario is long. At first, I notice the speed signs saying 90km max, whoa, it is going to be slow… luckily, there are always drivers that like to be faster than you. I not sure why, but when they see a sport bike, the person with a muscle car likes to rev their engine and try and get ahead of you. Well if you are one of those persons, I let you take all the glory of taking the lead. I had an accident way back in my youth where we dragged the lights, it did not turn out great as I had beat the car, but for some reason the car hit me from behind and I ended up me losing the bike due to the car totalling my Nighthawk 750. I like to take it easy now cause I got nothing to prove. Went of on a tangent there…back on the roads of Ontario, I love the winding roads in these parts, I have to balance stopping lots to sight see or enjoying the curves on the road ride the motorcycle as it was built for the leaning and banking the curves. This is where I notice the tires are just not the right feel that I’m accustom to. Since filling up the air pressure at start of the trip, the tires has been leaking ever so slowly and finding out  the pressure had dropped several PSI over the course of the week, I took extra care in the corners until I reach a major city for new tires. Trying to find a motorcycle shop that would have tires that I needed stocked in smaller towns would have been futile, so Toronto would be my best bet.  I’ll get to this later on the future blog.

First Stop Thunder Bay

My CS host Russell had a cool pad to chill out at and at a pretty good location in Thunder Bay, the sunrise is something to look for if you can get up that early. The view point is only ten minute walk up the hill and you can also see the sleeping giant on Lake Superior. Russell pointed out some hidden gems to check out while he whipped up a nice dinner from the fish he caught by nearby lake. I wish I had stayed another day so I could have mountain bike with him, but I had to move on if I wanted to check out some of his recommendations. The crack in the rock he recommended was definitely an adventure, walking on a trestle bridge (read the disclaimer on the bottom of that web page) where active trains are in play, and the entrance of this “crack” can get claustrophobic.

At first, I had drove past access road and went to Neys National Park, which I had to backtrack back to the bridge of Pic River, it is immediately after the Pic River bridge on the south end. Then you drive down on a dirt road to the trestle bridge. A wooden stairway leads you up to the bridge.

I rate this adventure to be on the hard and adventurous end of the scale. Here I am in motorcycle boots and leather jacket walking along the rails and crawling into the crack, let me tell you I was out of my element there. The crack was high canyon walls and big boulder high above you suspended between the crack is quite a site, sorry my photos will not do it justice, if you are a climber, you will love this place.


So at first I found this crack in the rock, which I had thought was the one referred to from the website, so I had to laugh about it later after I gave it a bad review and maybe curse something under my breath…lol

The real one revealed itself after backtracking on the rail line and hoping no trains are coming down the line.

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This part of Ontario is a scenic drive along all the lakes. It is hard to just drive past all the pull overs and lookouts, but you have to make a choice in making your destination on time or just stop and take in all the wonderful sites.

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Northern Ontario

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