Patricia Lake, Jasper, Alberta

Edge Of The World, Jasper, Alberta

Ramparts Range, Tonquin Valley

Jasper, Alberta

Maligne Lake, Jasper, Alberta

Rafting, Jasper, Alberta

Jasper Alberta Canada

My home town for 26+ years, I cannot see myself living anywhere else. Perhaps some of the images that I will share with you might shed some light on why this is a piece of heaven, or you can tell me when and if you visit. I have a site that has a comprehensive articles of Jasper and surrounding area. Visit that site “Explore Jasper” for stories, photos, points of interest, links to local businesses, tours, accommodations and activity ideas! Activities are quite endless here, summer or winter. If you decide to hang your hat here, I highly recommend that you think outdoors.

That being said, why do I travel? Well, even heaven needs to expand its cultural knowledge of the world. And did I mention I like taking photos? What better way to capture memories of the diverse vistas and culture through a lens in person. And food…love all the different dishes I have come across so far. So, I’ll keep traveling as much as I can…might even meet up with you one of these days.


Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter One – On The Move

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter One – On The Move

If you did not realize already, I have started my tour across Canada, a  shot from my friend Luc Nadeau at the town welcome gate and off I go...on the move. The journey has begun, the prep, the packing and the loading. A perfect day to start my birthday tour. Nothing...

Cross-country Ski, Maligne Lake

Cross-country Ski, Maligne Lake

Worst Ski Conditions Maligne Lake is vast and the activities you can do there is boundless. Sandra and I took Anthony on his first cross-country ski on the lake, and found out the hard way what poor conditions are about. The surface of the lake was frozen, crusty,...