Euro Tour 2019 – Postojna, Caves

Put this cave on your list when visiting Slovenia

An impressive 24km cave, in which the general public only gets to see about 5km of. So far the largest cave i have been to so far and a train ride inside the cave.

The last cave i visited was in Vietnam, Hoa Nghiem Cave, in Dang Nang, just north of Hoi An.


Wondrous formations

I see these formations like art pieces such as icicle-like stalactites (which hang from the ceiling) and stalagmites (which rise up from the ground) are highlighted in lights.

The tour

There is a tour leader for each train that guides us through a well maintained path for about an hour.



I thought this cave would be on the world top ten for size, but it does not even rank on the world stage. It is boasting 24km of cave system.

At least this the biggest one I have seen to date.

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