Euro Tour 2019 – Lake Bled

Mountain Town with Crystal Blue Waters

Not far from Ljubljana, approx an hour away, the lake town has many things to offer. One day there was just not enough, there will be another visit to this part of the world.

So many things to do…

Visitors can sledge down Stra┼ża Hill on a toboggan with beautiful Lake Bled as your scenery. One of those activities I have to come back for. Caving and Kayak tour would be another. Hike to Bled Castle, Rafting on the Sava river, and taste the Creameschnitte (Bled Cream Cake).

Rowing the boat

Some of us rented a boat and rowed to the island where the church of Assumption is located, you can also just jump on any of those water taxis for a couple of Euros and let them do the work. Some even rented paddleboards.



Lake Bled activities and shananigans.

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