Start of a new chapter, onwards to another province. Great hospitality from my siblings.

Thanks sis for everything

I got to check out a little of Elk Island, and thanks to the #Canada150 free entry, I got a quick look around. Summer must have been super dry, as the the duck ponds were dry, dry, dry. Did not get to see Buffalos nor Elk, but I get to see Elk plenty back home. The drive was full of bugs and windy as heck, good thing the bike is heavy and did not get blown around too bad.

Looks like it is a one stop at Saskatoon, I get i hang my hat at my good friends Nancy a Ken’s and their new digs. Was going to catch up with some other Saskatoonites, but the suds started flowing and the bike had to be parked. Great to meet new people since part of this trip is about. Thanks Nancy and Ken for hosting a shindig.

New acquaintance and old friends

Check out the hangover walk overview video with the dogs in the neighborhood.

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter Nine – Almost Home

Back in Canada Just about a thousand kilometres left to complete the loop, but thwarted by snow conditions, I will have to drive the last portion in Spring of 2018. Now, Li'l Shasta is parked at a friends garage in Cumberland B.C., my itch to get back on the bike is...

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter Eight

Arizona Pheonix Leaving Mexico was not the first choice, but the radar forecast on my route home was weighing heavy on my mind. So once crossing the border, I headed to Pheonix, where I arranged a place to stay at one of the Couchsurfing hosts, Caleb. I kinda feel bad...