Being on the move sure does not give you too much time to check out local activities and sights if you are only staying for one evening, you tend to just scratch the surface of your new acquaintance and it ends up that you either stay up really late (getting tougher as age is creeping in) or if you are lucky, you end up getting hosted another evening which sort of works out when you don’t plan on anything for the next day. And sometimes it’s the weather, and you have no choice but to choose to get ahead of it. Just still having my fingers crossed that the snow holds off.

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I had a great time in Manitoba in the short visit that I was there. My hosts “Lizzie and Yvette” made my visit a success, getting to know some locals and getting tours around to see some local sites. If it were not my hosts, I would not have seen the local area and what it had to offer. From beaches, marshes and local farm life, even had a wonderful garden fresh dinner at Wendy and Pierre’s house on the prairies. I’ve also enjoyed the travel stories that I’ve come across so far.

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Portage La Prairie

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter Nine – Almost Home

Back in Canada Just about a thousand kilometres left to complete the loop, but thwarted by snow conditions, I will have to drive the last portion in Spring of 2018. Now, Li'l Shasta is parked at a friends garage in Cumberland B.C., my itch to get back on the bike is...

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter Eight

Arizona Pheonix Leaving Mexico was not the first choice, but the radar forecast on my route home was weighing heavy on my mind. So once crossing the border, I headed to Pheonix, where I arranged a place to stay at one of the Couchsurfing hosts, Caleb. I kinda feel bad...