Since traveling near the Thanksgiving time, I can really be thankful for my hosts along the way on my #Tour2017. Traveling by car is easy compared to a motorcycle. I get reminded of the movie Wild Hogs, where it is carefree and certain realities pop up. I cannot be disconnected like when they threw their cell phones away. I have to be connected to my friends, family and #couchsurfinghosts.

I am thankful that there is a community of travelers such as myself out there. Finding a place to camp is not too bad in Canada, with all the out of the way campsites and facilities, but traveling in October presents it’s challenges, like weather for one, brrrr, closures of many provincial parks, did I mention weather? Thankful again to my friends, family and #couchsurfinghosts and future #couchsurfinghosts.

My hosts plays such an important role, not only for a place to crash for the evening or two, but a certain meeting of the minds so to speak kinda thing. Enjoying the company and points of view, how each lives has visions on what life is all about. I am thankful to all of you for putting up with me, showing me around, introducing me to your friends and family, you rock!

Another Wet Ride

Seems like a trend leaving on a wet morning, at least this one had good roads and leaving early has it’s rewards. The roads were quiet and there is something cool about the morning rides, the rain is really not a bother, only thing is, you don’t feel like stopping to take photos because you have to dig through stuff to access your equipment and it really slows the process in getting to one destination to another. I definitely miss taking some shots of spots that was beautiful. I’ll post some of those later on, stay tuned #Tour2017 #JasperguyTravels

Photo Gallery

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All my hosts so far and all the new folks I meet along the way. Thank you all, this trip is going so well and expectations has been surpassed my wildest dreams. You are really good folks out there. #spreadthelove

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