Crossing The Border

Massachusetts – New York

The drive was quite pretty with the changing of the leaves, too bad there were not good places to stop to take photos, if you want to do a sightseeing thing, stay off the Interstates. Also put a more realistic goal on the mileage. On a motorcycle, I believe to 600 km (375 miles) per day is plenty to get you some rest stops, grub and scenic stops. You will notice I push some of those distances.

Crossing the border from Quebec entering into Vermont then New Hampshire to Massachusetts. This took a good part of the day getting there ending up in Cape Cod and staying at this dive of a motel. The good part I take about this area was finding this Karaoke bar that evening and enjoying the atmosphere while the bartender help me call the motel attendant to register me in.  Note to self, book in advance so that the motel knows you are arriving, as they roll up the sidewalks this time of the year.

For some reason I have always wanted to visit Boston, but rolling into traffic changes your mind quickly on how much time you want to spend in gridlock instead of checking out the sites. Needless to say, did not stay long here. So I stretched this leg a little further into Cape Cod for the evening and then off on the ferry to Nantucket in the morning.

I had a wonderful Couchsurfing host here on Nantucket island, Lina and Floyd, did not get to know their roommates though, the house was spacious enough and had my very own room, how kind. They fed me, took me out to the local club scene and filled me with all the scenic sights to hit on the island. Exploring the island off season had it’s advantages, no crowds. This island is an expensive town to live and visit, so it is not for your average budget traveler.  I did the hike on the Cliff Walk Trail and just wondered how much money some people have, along the trail are summer vacation homes which probably range in the millions and each home I passed was at least 3000 sq ft and more and they were all empty due to off season, wow.  Later on, I walked by a real estate office downtown and notice a property going for $12,000,000 USD, I can take my family and travel the world for the rest of my life time. Why do you need to own a property like that?

The fairy tail of this island was brief, back towards the mainland and off to New York. I knew I would not be staying long in New York, so I hit just a couple of key spots to look. One was Times Square and the other was Battery Park.

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New York City

Little cruise around Manhattan. Welcome to the traffic.

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Nantucket is surrounded by water and the whole coastline is beach, you can pretty well which direction of the sun you prefer and find a beach to suit you. There are even seals that pop up on the beach once in awhile, I got to see one ever so briefly. Sorry, no photos, just enjoyed the moment.  New York is a massive city to check out, but again, big cities were not my focus on this trip.

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