Oh, what a busy day, friends and family, it was sure nice to catch up on what everyone is up to and it has been too long. Also had to stop into this shop to pick up up some essentials like rain gear and heated vest. I was inspired from Ride Stop and GO website information about traveling in Canada. See their Mexico trip video, it started with snow. I’m lucky to start in +24C weather.

Also had to stop here at St. Albert Tint to visit some amigos and use some of their tools to install the cables for the heated vest. These guys do awesome work on protecting your ride, they even do motorcycle fairings.

Lunch with Richard (hi Lori, sorry I missed you) and visits with Tom, Yasna and Robert, dinner Ben, Bell and Celine (hi Candice, sorry I did not meet you at airport, catch you in T.O.) and to top off the night with a surprise cake for my b-day, Thanks Linda, Aaron and Cassidy, all you great folks are the best more visits to go.

It might take me awhile to cross Canada…


A wee clip of leaving Jasper for across Canada portion of the trip. East here I come.