Preparing for a month long journey on a motorcycle takes some planning. I’ve been busy packing away the summer job, which looked like winter just last week. So glad the weather is changing for the better on my departure date (Wednesday 27th, 2017). On the 24th, the job is done for another season. So it is time to focus on vacation! Wait, still have other stuff to do, have some farewell drinks with friends, bills paid up, money in the bank, passport up to date, laundry, clean house, emergency calls from clients, blah, blah, blah…

Okay, focus… back to packing, yay, my tank bag has arrived, now to put it on and check it out. Well the bag looks good, hardware mounting seems easy… until they give you bolts that has an odd size allen key, which they did not provide! Arrg, minor delay, just put it off a day, I’ll scrounge one up somewhere. Limited space, what to pack and what to leave behind? Tough decision to leave the big camera behind, but don’t fret my peeps, still have cameras!

Another item to check off the list, arrange accommodations. I’ve been getting helpful tips and friends offering to host (so much appreciated, you know who you are). The couchsurfing site is a big help on this, hopefully I get to meet some really cool and interesting people. The past couple surfers I recently hosted is what I want to encounter.

Also trying to find motorcycle groups I can hook up with on the cross Canada portion is in play. I might have to check out stop ride and go a little bit more, the facebook thing just does not have enough groups to participate in. If you of a cool patchless group, toss me a comment below.