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Just about a thousand kilometres left to complete the loop, but thwarted by snow conditions, I will have to drive the last portion in Spring of 2018. Now, Li’l Shasta is parked at a friends garage in Cumberland B.C., my itch to get back on the bike is going to be excruciating.

I’m glad I got to visit my west coast friends, as I don’t get the time often to swing around there. The rain traveling up the Interstate 5 and into Vancouver and the Island was a wee depressing, but I got through it. Ended up with a pretty bad cold once back in Jasper, it must have taken a week to shake it off, or was it just depression from ending my motorcycle tour adventure? After 45 days on the road, home was definitely a welcome place to nest. Having to take a bus back was also another shot in the arm, if you ever stereotype who goes on those buses, you will not be disappointed. It will take me awhile to take another one again.

After counting how much kilometres I have traveled on this journey, over 20,000kms, I must have been moving everyday, but it sure did not seem like it. I met new acquaintances, friends and family, they were definitely my highlights of the trip. If you ask me would I do this trip again, I will not hesitate to say “Hell Ya”, I would probably cut the kilometres in half and same amount of days.

Signing off on this adventure until Spring… “keep the rubber side down”.


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