Family and Friends

Feeling the similarities of Jasper, where friends seems timeless and family is always there for you. I just love getting around this wonderful city. Thanks everyone for taking time out to host me around the city and feeding me with totally awesome food.

And thanks for yet another birthday cake! Awesome smoking Anthony!

Whenever I hit a border, I try to look for something different from the previous province, this was a no brainer as all the signs were in french. Driving the highways has different feel to it also, can’t pick who is more aggressive Ontario or Quebec, either province your spider senses has to be in full alert.

Now, into the fifth province, decisions to head further to the east had me at odds. Ultimately the next post will reveal my decision.


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Whenever I return to Montreal, I gain weight, I meet friends and family, it’s one of those city that has so much to do and you never have enough time to complete everything. I want to apologize to the ones I did not catch up with this time around. I was on a schedule to beat the cold weather and snow, so it will have to be another visit in the future.

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Euro Tour 2019 – Lake Bled

Euro Tour 2019 – Lake Bled

Euro Tour 2019 - Lake BledMountain Town with Crystal Blue Waters Not far from Ljubljana, approx an hour away, the lake town has many things to offer. One day there was just not enough, there will be another visit to this part of the world. So many things to do......

Euro Tour 2019 – It Begins

Euro Tour 2019 – It Begins

Euro travel in the summer of 2019, this includes Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Andorra and France.