From Cold, To Warm

Puerto Vallarta

Malencon, Puerto Vallarta

Mexico Bound

A quick getaway trip for ten days, first stop Puerto Vallarta then Manzanillo and a day at Mexico City.



First did some research on flight prices, various discount sites, then actual booking for one way trips so we can fly out of a different city than the one we came in on.

Romantic Zona On Malencon

Romantic Zona On Malencon

Then to find a place to stay once we arrive. Some more research for activities and what to do and what to see.

Art Sculptures On The Malencon

Art Sculptures On The Malencon

Fireworks from the Pirate Ship

Fireworks from the Pirate


Saving this Metro map for Mexico City here for reference, so we can maximize the limited time with the internet.


Puerto Vallarta

Mosaic Stairs

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter Seven – Mexico Pt.2

Mexico Continued Chihuahua La Decima - Hostel like accommodations Watching my dineros, I have now went below $20 USD for accommodations, super close to downtown core, hostel like and semi family house. The hosts (three partners), two of which spoke good English had...

Motorcycle Tour 2017 Chapter Seven – Mexico Pt.1

Mexico South Texas After New Orleans, there were no real plans on where to go, what to see. I've done the interstates in the lower part of the states before, so I decided to head into Mexico. I aimed for Laredo to cross the border, I found getting off the interstates...

Mexico City

Mexico City In A Day 20 hours in Mexico city does not do it justice. We try to catch all the sites possible in one day. Well, this city is way bigger than others I have visited, so it was not going to happen. I think we took the best possible transport for getting...

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing This is the first time I had gone on a real deep sea fishing trip. A real nice boat geared for fishing. I was not sure how all those fishing rods were going to be used, I believe there were eight rods going at once. Why do they call it deep sea...

Playa Grande Condominium

Jasper South I was invited to this place by Art from his neighbour Rick, so  I took the opportunity to take advantage of this place. This condo complex is like a time share owner operator oasis on Isa Navidad. It is a little paradise in between Puerto Vallarta and...

La Manzanilla

Crocodile Sanctuary A visit to the crocodile sanctuary is a must for anyone staying at this area, for 30 pesos, you cannot go wrong burning some time. Wander through the walkway / platform and see the crocodiles lay around. The birds are quite beautiful to look at...