The travel bug has hit home, and i’m heading off on another adventure later this month.

Coming your way at the end of September…

Road trip 2107

So, I’ll try and update this blog on my 2017 Road Trip with my FJR1300. Am I going to run into snow, bad weather or is it going to be stellar? Autumn is a strange time for motorcycle touring. This will be my longest tour on a bike, starting from Jasper heading east and looping back to Jasper by end of October. My friends, I’ll be calling on you to give me refuge for a night or two when I am in your area, so hit me up on FB Messenger, Phone Text, or What’s APP to let me know what is available or a good time to swing by. I would love to catch up with you even if you don’t have couch space for me.

The stuff ordered for this road trip is starting to roll in, Bivy bag, battery power cord for my electronics, still waiting for the tank bag. Packing will commence probably next week.

So far the route I will be taking is going through Edmonton, then Saskatoon, then it is up to the weather to blow me south into the states to cut off Manitoba and back to Ontario then to Quebec. Nothing is set in stone just yet or if it ever will.

Peace out for now, and we will hook up soon.