I have always traveled alone, having a partner to travel with has it’s advantages. A selfie is not just yourself anymore.

2015-10-16-Saigon- (7)

You can lay your head over to your partners shoulders and feel good about it. You can leave your stuff and they can watch them.


Someone to chat with in the case you don’t speak the local language. You even get to eat your partners food if you have an appetite like mine. Sharing a room at a hostel/hotel/bunk/shack or taxi ride. Sharing a moment or adventures and be content not sharing it on crackbook, because sometimes it’s private.

Traveling alone for the longest times make you very independent. The steps to arrange for flight, packing, checking in, itinerary, etc…, make me forget to tell my traveling companion all those little details that is second nature. But on the the other hand, Am I giving information overload? Even the best of us forget a thing or two.


Having to learn the hard way. There goes the swiss army knife…

The only thing I might find is losing the ability to just decide to go on a whim or do something without consulting with travel companion. Like deciding to take a mode of transportation or eat. It will have it’s challenges.