Amazing Place, Angkor Wat

Sunset, Siem Reap

Leather Artist, Orphans

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Getting to Angkor Wat is pretty simple from Siem Reap, since it is the largest religious monument in the world. We went the easy route and hired a guide to take us around. So no fuss and scams, well worth hiring a personal guide for the day.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Wonders and amazements

You need about three days to really see the place, Angkor Wat is so vast, it is amazing how many people it needed to build these temples.

Really steep steps

It is truly a wonder of the world.

Entry to Cambodia

We got to the border in the pouring rain by hand drawn cart to border gate which was only maybe 200 meters from where we got duped by the so called visa negotiators. We probably did not need them to get our visas for us, but it did not cost that much extra for the service, maybe $10 usd.

Our ride into Siem Reap

Our ride into Siem Reap

Once we were on the other side, the town was flooded. Was almost wondering if we would even leave that town to Siem Reap.

Knee deep in water

Knee deep in water

We manage to find transportation with someone with a car to take us. Once we got into Siem Reap border, they tried to pawn us off to another transport to the hotel, but we manage to refuse to pay any extra by refusing to leave the car. It worked, and found ourselves with a english guide, so we could get toured around.

Shuttle to Border

Shuttle to Border


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Battambang, Cambodia

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